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How Could Happiness Make You More Productive At Work?

A study from Oxford University found that employees are 13 per cent more productive when they are happy, even when their mood is being affected by external factors beyond their job.

So how can you ensure that your team maintains that extra bit of productivity as an employer? Is it as simple as producing factors that provide them with happiness?

Here are four ways that employers can generate satisfied employees and keep them happy.

Give A Clear Pathway Of Progress

Your employees want to ensure that your current learning and skills are being recognised appropriately by you. If not, they may feel that their current goals do not align with how they are traversing their current employment with you.

You should be able to provide your employees with a clear path of progression with regard to their employment with you. To assuage fears regarding stagnation or general unappreciation, lay out what needs to be done for one of your team to earn a position with greater responsibilities. When they follow through with fulfilling the criteria, you need to follow through on your promises.

Is Their Toolbox Filled With What They Need?

All too often, employees aren’t given what they need to complete their job as efficiently as they could. This can become especially frustrating when workers are told they need to do a better job, but then their requests for resources that would improve efficiency are denied.

Seek input regarding which tools could assist them in their tasks, and carefully consider their impact on productivity levels to provide a clearer evaluation.

Are They Respected In The Company? 

There are far too many instances where employees are mistreated, and the business eventually finds itself subjected to lawsuits.

Harassment, bullying and other forms of mistreatment have no place in the workplace (and are illegal to boot), but when such behaviour comes from a manager, employees may feel they have no way to get the relief they deserve. This creates low morale and high turnover.

Leaders should always be ready to assess their own actions to determine if changes need to be made. Clear reporting mechanisms and support resources should be made available to all without the risk of negative consequences for whistle-blowers. There should be no fear attributed to this action.

Give Your Employees A Break

With the shift to normalised remote work and hybrid work models, many employees may find that their normal 9-5 workday is not as applicable as it once was.

Emails and phone calls often come at all times of day, with the expectation that workers are always available to respond to any request.

While your team may not complain directly, blurring the line between work and home can quickly lead to stress and burnout.

Give your employees a chance to disengage from their work by re-establishing clear boundaries vis-a-vis work-related matters.

If you’re someone who often finds it difficult to make large lump sum payments for goods or services, you may want to consider looking into “Buy Now Pay Later” services.

Buy now pay later essentially means that, rather than paying in a full lump sum payment for a product or services rendered, there may be an option to pay through instalments of a certain amount over a set period to make the sum of the full amount in total. This method should allow you to pay in full for the product or service without overly straining your finances – you pay back what you can, as agreed upon when you begin the buy now pay later service.

Some popular buy now pay later services include Afterpay, Zip Pay, Brightepay, and some credit card networks such as  Mastercard and Visa, can offer buy now pay later arrangements.

Though it can be a convenient, immediate solution, it may be challenging to juggle the necessary repayments with other financial commitments. It’s not always the most appropriate method for people, and you should bear in mind your situation and ability in paying back the amounts. 

Before you sign up, keep in mind: 

  • It becomes easier to overspend with buy now pay later services, so know your limits on what you can and can’t afford.
  • You will be charged fees and costs to use the service, which can add up to a princely sum in and of itself.
  • Keeping track of your payments can be tricky if you’ve signed up for multiple services.
  • It could affect your loan applications for a car or mortgage as lenders consider buy now pay later spending just as much as your credit score.
  • Late repayments can appear on your credit report, which affects your ability to borrow money in the future.
  • Layby can be a cheaper alternative to buy now pay later, with no account-keeping or late fees to consider

If you are someone who could make use of BNPL services, you may wish to:

  • Ensure that when using the BNPL service, you stick to a set limit on what you spend so that you can comfortably pay it back later. 
  • Aim only to have one BNPL account at a time to manage payments through, rather than confuse yourself with multiple payments across different providers.
  • Always budget for bills, loan payments and BNPL payments, and 
  • Rather than use your credit card for payments to your BNPL account, consider linking to your debit account instead.

If you would like assistance in planning your financial future, help in managing your budget or some friendly advice, see us for a chat about what we can do for you.


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John Briggs

Jane Noller has been my accountant for the last 15 plus years. I can testify to Jane’s professionalism and expeditious manner in dealing with the day to day issues that surrounds our business accounting.

John Briggs

Registered Building Certifier

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I have been consulting J L Noller and Co. (more specifically Jane) for six years and during this time I have found her to be professional, efficient and easy to discuss all accounting and taxation matters with. Her office team are all polite and friendly also.

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I have used Jane & the team for the last 6 years for all of my business & personal accounting needs. They have always been professional, easy to talk to & available when we have needed assistance.

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John Briggs

Jane Noller has been my accountant for the last 15 plus years. I can testify to Jane’s professionalism and expeditious manner in dealing with the day to day issues that surrounds our business accounting.

John Briggs

Registered Building Certifier