5 Highly Attractive Job Skills To Have On Your Resume

Communication, teamwork and problem-solving. These common “buzzwords” are generally present in job advertisements because recruiters are looking for specific kinds of people who are already in possession of these highly valuable, transferable job skills.

These transferable job skills are ones that you may have picked up and developed in previous positions or roles, and which can easily be applied in the new role.

If you are a current job seeker or looking for your next career path move, being able to prove that you are in possession of these skills on your resume could be the difference between making it through to the next round or not.

These transferable skills can be upskilled like any other developable skillset and should be done if you wish to remain relevant or gain advantages over others.

In your resume or during the interview process for a job, you should address the most common transferable job skills that you may already be in possession of. Common ones that many people are already familiar with and have may include:

  • Problem-solving skills – allows the analysis of a situation to identify underlining complications and generate potential solutions in order to implement the best one.
  • Communication – effective communication means an applicant can convey information and messages so there is little confusion as to the intended meaning of the original message.
  • Self-management – this shows recruiters that you are able to give critical tasks focus and undivided attention, which shows productivity and professionalism.
  • Teamwork – this is to do with your ability to work well with others, and towards a common goal.
  • Technical Competence – most commonly this will involve being able to use technology appropriately and fluently.

When it comes to the current business environment, having these highly valuable skills within your resume and being able to prove them through your listed experience can turn your application into one to be considered.