How Do We Bring Value To Our Client Relationships?

Our client relationships have had to deepen over the last few years amidst the challenges and tribulations that the pandemic has brought upon all of us. We have had to adapt to a near-daily changing environment alongside you all, learn extensively and be willing to accept and thrive with change. 

As we move forward into our new norm, our relationships with our clients are about the value we continue to build. Most importantly, we can divide it into how we:

  • Show Value
  • Add Value
  • Bring Value

Show Value

We show value to our clients by giving them a concrete analysis of continued ongoing success and savings that have resulted from their relationship with the firm.

Here are some ways we can demonstrate this value brought to our relationship with you:

Five-year Analysis

You may come to us with a question about situations that will affect them over the next few years. Typically, we will recommend strategies to minimize the tax bite, processes to improve, or technology to implement in your situations. Most often, we provide the advice and expect you as the client to go and action this. 

We can make our value more obvious by creating a financial analysis of the situation prior to the advice and then a pro forma financial post-implementation with the expected ongoing savings over the next five years. The client can then see both the immediate and long-term value of that advice. The client will have a measurable return on investment for the advice provided.

Annual “Employee” Review

Along with the other strategies, the annual/ongoing review is a great way to keep all parties apprised of the progress made toward previously established goals. Like an employee review process, we, in conjunction with you as our clients, can establish goals for the relationship annually. These goals can include:

  • Frequent financial check-ins,
  • Estimated tax calculation reviews,
  • Process/technology reviews,
  • New technology updates, and so on.

Add Value

We add value by continuing to evolve and change along with you as our client, for instance, adapting technologies to establish the creation of a knowledge base (information centre for certain processes). Other ideas include posting firm articles about relevant trending topics that impact your clients, highlighting team members to show their personal side, and considering client spotlights.

Bring Value

You are more than a transaction. Our relationship with our clients is about more than fees and advice. We give our clients strong and firm support with their endeavours while providing you with the advice needed.