It Might Not Show On Their Resume, But Personality’s A Factor You Need To Take Into Consideration With New Employees

Have you been looking to hire new employees for your business? Looking for the person with the longest experience, or the best qualifications might seem like the ideal selection criteria, but don’t discount the impact and importance of personality. Make no mistake – their personality certainly matters.

Customer and client interactions, as well as interpersonal relationships within the team, can be informed and shaped by the personality of the employee that you hire. This can in turn affect their performance in the business.

Keep in mind that an employee’s knowledge and skillset can be built up, but a personality is innate. Picking a candidate with the longest experience in similar positions, but no enthusiasm for the role may not be the wisest choice. Stay open to the possibility of motivated and passionate candidates who are willing to learn – these employees can usually be moulded into the best team players.


When you are hiring a new employee, keeping these qualities in mind could net the best one for your business.


Positivity and confidence is key

Adding enthusiastic employees to your team can change the overall energy in the workplace, and create a far more enjoyable environment for all. Energetic employees will always put more focus and effort into each task they complete.

Confidence goes hand in hand with a positive outlook. A confident employee will be comfortable in their role and more willing to take on challenges. They have the self-assurance to convince your clients that they are the best candidate to take on their work.


Action focused

Do not be wary of employees who are inexperienced but looking to take action or form innovative ideas in their role. Though not every decision they make is likely to be successful, they have more potential to grow your business than an employee who stays inside the box.

Dot the ‘i’s, cross the ‘t’s

Employees who pay attention to the finer details are more likely to avoid making silly errors that might seriously jeopardise your business. It can also save you time in the long run as you will not be correcting minor mistakes continuously if you promote care over speed.


A long history of experience is useful, but to maintain and protect your business’ reputation, always look to employ candidates who are honest and genuine. Extolling their previous responsibilities and KPIs can be a great way to learn about what your employee might be capable of. However, know that there may be a discrepancy between what they are capable of doing, and what they can actually do (whether it’s because of the difference in roles, skill level required or more).


Career motivated

Those employees dedicated to growing their careers are always looking for ways they can perform their roles more efficiently so that they can move up the ladder. Reward their motivation, and they’ll be even more likely to commit to creating the best business that they can.