Looking To Start Your Financial Journey With The Right Adviser? Our Three Tips Explained…

There are some things that an accountant is not allowed to advise on, which fall in the domain of financial advisers.

A financial adviser can assist you with making financial decisions and planning for your future. Advice from a financial adviser may include advising on budgeting, investing, super, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance and taxation.

Finding and choosing a financial adviser to suit you is made simpler by keeping these essential tips in mind.

Decide What You Want From Financial Advice

It’s crucial to know precisely what you’re looking to get out of a financial advisor if you want financial advice. Depending on your stage of life, how much money you have available and what you’re trying to achieve, your needs must be accommodated appropriately to ensure that you’re receiving the right kind of advice. Think carefully about what you are aiming to get out financial advice.

Choose The Right Financial Advice For You

A financial adviser can give two types of advice. Financial advisers can provide general financial advice that doesn’t consider personal situations or goals or how you may be affected personally. Essentially, it’s not advice that may take into account your best interests.

However, personal advice must be based on a careful review of your financial situation and goals and align with your best interests. It can include:

  • Simple, single-issue advice – Assistance with one financial issue (e.g. how much should you contribute to your super)
  • Comprehensive financial advice – Assistance in developing a financial plan to reach your financial goals
  • Ongoing advice – Regular monitoring and review of your financial plan and affairs

Find A Financial Adviser

Once you have a clear financial goal in mind, it’s time to look into finding someone who can help you achieve it. You can find a licensed financial adviser through:

  • A financial advice professional association
  • Your super fund
  • Your lender or financial institution
  • Recommendations from people you know
  • Speaking with us.

A good adviser will get to know you, keep you informed, and help you achieve your goals. They’ll also discuss how much risk you’re comfortable with. Going on this journey with your financial adviser can assist you in setting up your financial future comfortably. Begin a conversation with us to see if we can assist you in finding one to suit your needs, and send you on this journey.