Team Motivation Starts With You – 4 Tips For Inspiring Your Employees

The best way to drive profit as an employer is to inspire the team working for you.

Ensuring they are investing in the projects they are working on and sharing the same vision you have for the business will be the best strategy for long-term business success.

Provide Great Technology

By equipping your staff with updated and new software and hardware, you are providing them with opportunities to really get excited about their work.

Working with outdated equipment, such as computers with poor definition or a bad internet connection, will only frustrate employees, steering them away from performing their best. Investing in great technology will pay off in the long run with the higher quality of work that will be produced.

Encourage Risk Taking And Problem-Solving

If you hire a talented and resilient team, place trust in them to take risks. Playing it safe and doing things the same way they’ve always been done will see your business stay stagnant and prevent it from standing out amongst the competitors.

Encourage your staff to brainstorm ways to solve problems rather than dictating to them how to do their jobs. Give them freedom to challenge themselves and push the boundaries while guiding without controlling.

If you hire a strong team of professionals, give them an opportunity to put their skills into action. They are more likely to stay with the business long term too, which is an added bonus as you will save money on hiring and training costs.

Create A Team Atmosphere

Workplaces where employees feel a strong sense of belonging are the type of workplaces where employees thrive in terms of productivity, creativity and skill development.

The feeling an employee gets about their place of work and coming in each morning can make a huge difference when it comes to their attitude and producing high-quality work.

A strong team atmosphere also means employees are more likely to collaborate and seek help when faced with an obstacle rather than trying to overcome it alone.


There is always time in the day to recognise and show gratitude. Even if you are in a lull and your business isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you are still much better off financially than a lot of people.

By showing appreciation and vocalising gratitude to those that help you succeed, you are breaking down a big barrier that can often arise between employers and employees.

Expressing gratitude is not only a great way to inspire your staff, it’s also a common daily practice amongst many successful entrepreneurs.

Remember, you can be thankful for the smallest of things; such as thanking a staff member for staying back ten minutes, working into their lunch break or for lifting and motivating the team earlier in the week.