Thinking About A Career Switch?

Switching careers later in life can seem daunting and risky.

Still, with the proper planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re tired of the same job you’ve been doing for 20 years, or you’re finally ready to pursue the thing you’re passionate about, a career change can be exciting and allow you to learn new things and love your work.

However, it can be a scary move, especially if you have to think about financial stability, location change, or supporting your family. Here are some things you should consider before taking the leap.


Are you capable of pursuing the career you want to switch into? Will it fit your personality type, values, and interests well? To better understand this, be realistic about what you’re capable of through experience-based evidence, and evaluate what you do or don’t find interesting or enjoy.

This will reduce the risk of you starting a new job only to discover that it’s not as suitable for you as you imagined. You can hire a career counsellor, or other career development professionals to help you do this accurately.

Training And Education:

Does the job you are considering require extra qualifications and skills? Do you have these qualifications, or must you undertake further training and studies to be eligible for the job?

Having a midlife career change means that you have accumulated years of experience from working, and you may have transferable skills from your past jobs that can be used for other careers. Research what the job requires of you and if further qualifications are needed, think about whether the added training or courses would be suitable for you to complete.

Career Field Demographic:

What is the typical age of those working in the field you want to pursue? This can help you determine the likelihood of employers choosing to hire you or not based on your age.

Unfortunately, it is common that some companies prefer younger workers due to perceived technology savviness and career growth potential. In saying this, many employers actually prefer older workers as they can offer experience, maturity, and wisdom. Research the demographics of the job and evaluate your prospects of getting hired.