Use These Five Principles To Create Good Email

Regardless of whether your email campaigns are being delivered to your customer’s inbox, it will be for minimal effect if the copy within does not engage with your customer.

With marketing through email campaigns an engagement-driven system, you’ll want to ensure that you generate the leads you need and that your clients engage with the copy and open those emails to find out more about what you have written.

There are five simple principles that you need to bear in mind when creating copy for email campaigns.

Know Your Audience

Who are you writing to? You need to know who the product is being sold so as to tailor your message to suit. Don’t try to appeal to everyone with a single email campaign, as the messaging won’t be as effective. You’ll also potentially lose out on reaching the right audience. Consider: 

  • Segmenting your email lists to support your campaign goals (e.g. demographics, products purchased previously, etc.)
  • Forming in your mind an Ideal Customer Avatar as the representative of the person that the copy’s message must reach and be targeted towards 
    • If you were selling tools to tradespeople, you wouldn’t be writing a message aimed at a retail cashier; you would be looking to sell to tradespeople who need tools or are looking for an upgrade.

Know What The Goal Is

You need to make sure that they know what the next step after reading the email is, and the best way to do so is to have a goal in mind to work towards. Are you trying to get signups on a new product, or looking for people to trial your new demo? If you know how you want your readers to proceed and can direct them where you want them to go, your email copy will naturally become more focused and clear. 

Keep It Simple

It can be very easy to get lost in technical jargon in copy, and it can be very disruptive and jarring to your readers when it arises. Try writing your copy as though you are speaking to your friends – keep it conversational and simplify the language you use to ensure that you can keep your audience interested.

Get A Second Opinion

Even though your copy may be understandable to you, you’re also the one with the most knowledge about it. Get someone else to review after editing the content and ensure the message has the maximum clarity of information available. The second pair of eyes may also catch any other mistakes you might have missed before sending it out.

Test Different Versions

You can use A/B testing of your email campaigns to see which ones generate the most clickthroughs and what does not. Use this information to tailor your copy further and keep the key messaging that is working.